What to Sell your Home Yourself?

Caution:  There is a lot more to selling your home than the sign in the yard.

Let’s assume your sign produces a person ringing your door bell.  Have you considered that you and your family’s security could be at risk?  The person standing there may, or may not, be a Buyer, nor have your best interests in mind. We live in ever more dangerous times, unfortunately.

Assuming it is a qualified Buyer, they may ask you many questions, such as:

How did you arrive at the price of your property?

Why do you think it is a fair market price?

Do you have a list of information and disclosures on your home? Is there any thing wrong with it? Taxes? HOA Dues? Pending Assessments?

Can you help me get financing? Are you working with a mortgage specialist?

If they make an offer on your home, who will do the legal paperwork?

Since you are not listed with a real estate company, we can take what would have been their fees, right off your asking price, correct?

Selling your home is not like selling a car.  Don’t take risks with the most important financial transaction you make in your life.  Every buyer wants to offer you as little as possible.

Most all homes sellers use REALTORS® and for good reasons.  They separate the “lookers” from real Buyers. They help negotiate with those buyers’ low offers. They pre-qualify any buyers they have. They help you prepare/stage, your property for sale, and market locally, regionally and nationally. They do the complex paperwork and work through all problems with Buyer inspections, escrows and closings.  Since errors in any part of the process, can be costly, be sure you can handle all that before installing a sign in your yard.


Remember:  All Buyers want a “deal”, and want to offer as little as possible.  To Buyers, a “For Sale By Owner” sign translates “We can steal this property.”

If you are considering selling your home, let us help you get a sense of its true market value.  If you tell us about your home, we can tell you about what it is worth.  With a personal visit, we can get a more accurate value when we do a Comparative Market Analysis.  We could also explain how we would market your property.  It is FREE, with no obligation.


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Need to sell your home?

If you're planning to sell your home in the next few months, nothing is more important than knowing a fair asking price. I would love to help you with a FREE Market Analysis. We will use comparable sold listings to help you determine the accurate market value of your home.