Your Dream Vacation Home

Love the Lakes Area?  Dream of a Vacation Home?  Lake Front?  Lake Views?  It should offer relaxation and enjoyment for you and your family. 

Your vacation home should also be a good investment.  It should increase in value over time.  Most lake front homes turn out to be a good investment, even in our recent past distressed markets.  Statistically, second homes are used strictly for Recreational, or Seasonal use.  Owners generally have little interest in renting their vacation home.

First Decide What You Want

Do you want privacy, in a log home, surrounded by forests in the Ozark Mtns?  Or Lake Front at Table Rock, Taneycomo, or Bull Shoals Lake?  Lake Views? Want close to Branson with all its activities, shopping and shows?  Or near another town?  Or Country living near all lake activities? Determine what geographical areas in the Ozarks, you like the best.  Once you know this, you can start looking earnestly.

Use a Professional

The easiest way for most people is, to contact an experienced Real Estate Professional who is very knowledgeable about the lakes area,  Springfield City and Country areas.  Agent Referrals by friends, neighbors or relatives  who have experienced great service is helpful.  Second, the agents Reputation is very important.  Third, many Buyers use Online References through the real estate categories in Search Engines.  If you have made a visit to the area of you are most interested in, ask the locals for their recommendations for an agent.  You will save time and money by seeking out the REALTOR® who has other Designations.  A Full Time Experienced Agent have gone through specialized training, and subscribe to a very strict Code of Ethics.  Also, check out an agent’s specialties.

Location is Very Important

This is an overused term, but it so true.  Analyze what you actually want to do on your vacation.  If you want quiet, able to sit and watch nature, listening to all the unique sounds of the Ozarks outdoors, no neighbors, then the seclusion of the woods might be what you want.

If you want to be able to do a variety of activities with the whole family, and grandkids, that a city such as Branson can offer, then you might want something in or near town.  There are theme parks, water activities, world class shows, all kinds of unique shopping, including the new Branson Landing along Lake Taneycomo, restaurants, amusements and many churches.  This is the “perfect” family area!  TABLE ROCK LAKE AND THE BRANSON AREA.

Considering Renting It Out?

Most owners want to use their vacation home exclusively. There are some that buy condos, or homes, in certain areas, that could be rented out.  Most rental income will not cover a mortgage if you have one.  If you plan on using it personally and renting it out, check on the IRS rules on personal time use of investment property.  Also, check with your accountant, with our ever changing tax rules, to see if the interest on a second home mortgage, is deductible,

Always Keep the Future in Your Considerations

You probably plan to keep this Vacation Getaway for a long time.  But what if you needed it sell it?  Would it be a desirable property for future Buyers?  What about all the amenities?  Especially Lake property, owning a Boat Slip, or a private Boat Dock, is extremely important.  Boat Slip Ownership is “King” for these properties and key to selling your Vacation Home in the future.



  • Decide on exactly how you will use your second Vacation Home?  Week End or Vacation Getaway, or future Retirement Home.
  • Choose your Location that has the most features which interest you.  I.E. Golf, Water Sports, Shopping, Entertainment, Restaurant.
  • What about the distance you have to travel to get to your vacation home. Will you drive, or can you afford to fly every time?
  • Find an Experienced, Knowledgeable REALTOR® of the local markets.
  • Inquire with Chambers of Commerce, Visitors Centers and local residents. Check out areas and properties on the Internet.
  • Take time to come visit your desired area.  Vacation there if possible.
  • With interest rates still reasonable, inquire about mortgages with local banks and mortgage brokers. The REALTOR® you select can suggest ones that give good service, in addition to competitive rates.
  • Find the REALTOR® who specializes in the type of property you want.
  • Of course, Have Fun!  You will make great memories with your family and friends during those future vacations!


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